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We have gathered information from around 120+ insurance firms to help you choose the most affordable home insurance rates in Wisconsin.
The top 5 home insurance companies in Wisconsin
Home insurance prices in Wisconsin
Wisconsin home insurance costs by city
Home insurance deductibles in Wisconsin
Home and auto insurance bundles in Wisconsin

Everything about homeowners insurance in Wisconsin

The most efficient way to find an inexpensive homeowners insurance policy in Wisconsin is to buy and compare rates from as many insurance firms as you can. Have a look over the homeowners insurance rates in Wisconsin in the given below table. Keep in mind that your home insurance rates will vary, counting on your coverage limits

Homeowners Insurance Rates for Wisconsin

Average Monthly Premium $66.58

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The top 5 home insurance companies in Wisconsin

Rates of Homeowners insurance in Wisconsin will differ depending on which insurance firm you select. Badger Mutual has the insurance cost of only $835 annually. As the state's average cost is $1,081, Badger Mutual provides $240 less than the average policy costs statewide.
Check out the home insurance provided by the most inexpensive Wisconsin insurance companies given below.

Home Insurance Rates In Wisconsin: By Carrier

InsurerAverage 12-Month Rate in Wisconsin
Badger Mutual$835
Rural Mutual Insurance$851
SECURA Supreme$853
Wisconsin Mutual$945

Average Homeowners insurance Rates - Wisconsin

Home insurance prices in Wisconsin

Your chosen level of house owners coverage impacts the insurance premiums you pay. In Wisconsin, the homeowners who maintain $200,000 of dwelling coverage pay $804 every 12 months, while those with dwelling coverage of $400,000 pay around $1,308 per annum.

Homeowners Insurance Rates In Wisconsin — Common Coverage Amounts

Coverage LevelAverage Annual Cost
$100,000 Dwelling$490
$200,000 Dwelling$804
$250,000 Dwelling$906
$400,000 Dwelling$1,308

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Wisconsin home insurance costs by city

Every city in Wisconsin has different home insurance rates. The rates of the insurance policies depend on city-specific variables,which also includes the amount of claims filed according to their location. This means your ZIP code helps to decide how much you should pay.
Sheboygan a city in Wisconsin provides the best home insurance rates. The average home insurance policy here in Sheboygan costs $894 per year which is $199 less than the other Wisconsin cities.
Check out the cheap homeowners insurance in Wisconsin given below.

Cheapest Home Insurance Cities In Wisconsin

CityAverage 12-Month Home Insurance Rate
Green Bay$926
Oak Creek$969
West Bend$961

Home insurance deductibles in Wisconsin

Homeowners in Wisconsin have to make tons of selections when buying a homeowners policy, which includes the quantity of their deductible. A homeowners deductible is called as the amount one who is accountable for paying in a loss. The level you select for a deductible can have an enormous impact on home insurance prices.
If you have lower deductible then your premium are higher. If you would like lower insurance prices, try to aim for a higher deductible. Keep in mind that your homeowners deductible shouldn't be set at an amount that you would have difficulty paying within the event of a loss.
The table given below contains the average rates and deductibles offered by most homeowners insurance firms.

Home and auto insurance bundles in Wisconsin

If you want to save on insurance in Wisconsin, consider carrying your home and auto policies with the same insurance company. Bundling homeowners and auto insurance in Wisconsin can lead to substantial savings on car insurance. In Wisconsin if you buy bundled policies you will get a yearly discount of $135.

Home And Auto Insurance Bundlings Savings In Wisconsin

Avg. Annual Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Annual Rate (w/ Bundle)
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