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Top 5 affordable home insurance companies in Connecticut
Connecticut home insurance prices: by city
Average homeowners insurance rates in Connecticut
Homeowners insurance deductibles in Connecticut
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Everything about homeowners insurance in Connecticut.

Homeowners insurance isn't priced specifically by state. Rates vary counting on the frequency of — and value of — home policy claims filed therein particular state, and also on the worth of the dwelling and belongings being insured.
In Connecticut, The best way to get an inexpensive homeowners insurance is to check the prices and consider policies from multiple firms. Your rates may vary counting on coverage options and therefore the value of the dwelling being insured.

Homeowners Insurance Rates for Connecticut

Average Monthly Premium $133.11

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Top 5 affordable home insurance companies in Connecticut

Prices for home insurance in Connecticut can vary based on the insurance firm you use. MetLife sells the most cost effective homeowners policies in Connecticut — just $923 per annum . This compares favorably to Connecticut's average price of $1,481, providing a $552 discount on the average statewide homeowners insurance costs. Check out for affordable homeowners coverage by searching the most cost effective Connecticut insurance companies, listed below.

The Most Affordable Homeowners Iinsurance Companies In Connecticut

Insurance CompanyAverage Yearly Rate in Connecticut
State Farm$961
American Commerce$1,045
Merrimack Mutual$1,134

Average Homeowners insurance Rates - Connecticut

Connecticut home insurance prices: by city

Homeowners insurance rates in Connecticut differ by city. Insurance policies are usually priced on city-specific variables for example the likelihood of weather-related claims within the area, meaning your specific ZIP code impact how much you pay. Torrington has the foremost affordable home insurance rates in Connecticut. In Torrington, home insurance term sums upto $1,113 every year — $361 but the average insurance policy in other Connecticut cities. Reference the below table to see the most affordable cities in Connecticut for home insurance.

Cheapest Home Insurance Cities In Connecticut

CityAverage Yearly Home Insurance Rate
West Hartford$1,122
East Hartford$1,141

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Average homeowners insurance rates in Connecticut

The level of house owners coverage you decide on has an impression on your insurance premiums. In Connecticut, the house owners who carry $100,000 of dwelling coverage pay $623 every year, while those with dwelling coverage of $400,000 pay around $1,807 every year.

Homeowners Insurance Rates In Connecticut — Common Coverage Limits

Coverage LevelAverage Annual Rate
$100,000 Dwelling$623
$200,000 Dwelling$1,058
$250,000 Dwelling$1,211
$400,000 Dwelling$1,807

Homeowners insurance deductibles in Connecticut

Homeowners have tons of choices to form when buying a homeowners policy , including the amount of their deductible. A homeowners deductible is what proportion your insurance requires you to disburse of pocket toward a claim.
Choosing where to set your deductible plays a major role in how much you pay for homeowners insurance.
When considering your deductible, an honest rule of thumb is that the lower your deductible, the higher your premiums. Therefore, always go for a higher deductible if your are want to lock in lower rates. Remember: your deductible shouldn't be so high that you would struggle to pay it in the event of a loss. The table below illustrates the standard premium costs related to standard homeowners deductibles.

Home and auto insurance bundles in Connecticut

If you would like to save lots of on insurance, consider purchasing both your home and auto insurance policies from one company. Bundling automobile insurance and homeowners insurance can prevent a considerable sum monthly on your auto insurance bill. Purchasing bundled policies in Connecticut results in yearly savings of $98.

Home And Auto Insurance Bundling Savings In Connecticut

Avg. Annual Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Annual Rate (w/ Bundle)
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