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We have gathered information from around 120+ insurance firms to help you choose the most affordable home insurance rates in Colorado.
Top 5 affordable home insurance companies in Colorado
Homeowners and auto insurance bundles in Colorado
Colorado homeowners insurance costs: by city
Average home insurance rates in Colorado
Homeowners insurance deductibles in Colorado

Everything about homeowners insurance in Colorado

Home insurance costs in U.S. states vary relying on the whole number and value of homeowners policy claims within the state, and also on the price of the dwelling and belongings being insured. The best way to get an inexpensive homeowners policy in Colorado is to buy and compare rates from as many householders insurance companies as you can. Check out more about home insurance rates in Colorado given below. Individual rates may vary relying on coverage options and thus the worth of the dwelling being insured.

Homeowners Insurance Rates for Colorado

Average Monthly Premium $141.03

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Top 5 affordable home insurance companies in Colorado

Homeowners insurance rates in Colorado vary relying on the insurance company you decide on . Owners insurance company sells the most cost effective home insurance in Colorado — $1,093 once a year . This is often but the state price of $2,410, providing a $1,310 price break on the state's average rates.

The Most Affordable Homeowners Insurance Companies In Colorado

Insurance CompanyAverage Yearly Rate in Colorado
Owners Insurance Company$1,092
Great Northern$1,457

Average Homeowners insurance Rates - Colorado

Homeowners and auto insurance bundles in Colorado

If you're trying to save lots of , consider purchasing your homeowners and automobile insurance policies from an equivalent company. . In Colorado, Bundling homeowners and automobile insurance in Colorado can cause substantial savings on automobile insurance. Bundling home and auto insurance policies can generate a yearly discount of $162.

Home and Auto Insurance Bundling Discounts In Colorado

Avg. Annual Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Annual Rate (w/ Bundle)

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Colorado homeowners insurance costs: by city

In Colorado, not every city has the same home insurance prices. Prices are determined based on city-specific variables, for example the amount of claims filed in the immediate area, lending your ZIP code plenty of weight in deciding how much you pay.
The most affordable home insurance prices in Colorado are available in Grand Junction. A typical home insurance term in Grand Junction costs just $1,267 per annum — $1,140 but the average Colorado rate. The below table shows the best places to live in Colorado if you’re trying to find cheap homeowners insurance.

Affordable Homeowners Insurance By City In Colorado

CityAverage Yearly Home Insurance Rate
Grand Junction$1,267
Fort Collins$1,977

Average home insurance rates in Colorado

Your chosen level of house owners coverage determines the insurance premiums you pay. In Colorado, carrying $105K dwelling coverage costs a mean of $1,337 per annum , while carrying additional coverage up to $410K costs $3,105 per year.

Homeowners insurance deductibles in Colorado

Homeowners have numerous choices to form when choosing a policy, including how high or low to set their deductible. The deductible is that the amount the insured is liable for paying toward a covered loss.
The deductible chosen can have an enormous impact on home insurance rates. A good rule of thumb is that the lower your deductible, the more higher your premium. Therefore, if you're wanting lower home insurance rates, it pays to extend your deductible.
Remember that your deductible should only be set as high as you'll reasonably pay in the event of a covered loss. The following chart shows the standard premiums related to standard homeowners deductibles.

Homeowners Insurance Premiums By Deductible Tier In Colorado

Deductible AmountAverage Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate
$100,000 Dwelling$1,337
$200,000 Dwelling$1,803
$250,000 Dwelling$2,271
$400,000 Dwelling$3,102
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