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At (aka M3Q), we’re a little unconventional. We are entrepreneurs, powered by a shared passion to stay ahead of the game.

We are a diverse, inquisitive and versatile team, who come together to work towards one common goal but we value a fun and dynamic work environment.

How we hire

In order to see the real you, beyond just your CV, we are disrupting the traditional recruiting process. With the (aka M3Q) Talent Community, the focus is on you, rather than on a specific role. We see this as the most logical step towards you finding your ideal job.

So, how does it work? Simply tell us about yourself to get matched to our open positions. You can tell us what you're interested in doing. This gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills, and us the opportunity to match you with the roles that compliment you best.

Culture-MyMoneyMyQuotes :
  • We seek to hire individuals who thrive in a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment where innovation, risk and adaptability are part of daily life.
  • Exciting and unpredictable, no two days are the same at MyMoneyMyQuotes. The rate of change is so fast, we need to continuously challenge the status quo.
  • From volunteer days, to incredible perks and benefits, to collaborative and innovative offices, we have a passion for learning, and of course for challenges.
Mantra-MyMoneyMyQuotes :
  • Think Big. Think Global
  • Work hard. Play hard. Speed wins
  • You will never have this day again, so make it count.
  • Every success starts with a decision to try
  • Even Impossible says “I M Possible”

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Interested and eligible candidates are requested to send your cv with personal details by e-mail address to apply for the right position.